The Detox Rush is known for it's refreshing taste that aids digestion while hydrating the body from many recoveries. The detox rush is best used as a body cleanser and refresher. 



    - Contains 100% Natural Spring Water 

    - Mint

    - Vitamin C

    - Cucumber 

    - Lemon for vitamin C and hydration recovery 

    - Ginger which is an antoxidate that aids digestion 


The benifits: 

     - Aids in Weight Loss

     - Promotes healthy skin 

     - Highly reccommended as a recovery drink 




"Detox Rush" 4 Pack

$24.99 Regular Price
$19.99Sale Price
16 Ounces
  • All Glow Water  sales are final. All ingredients to each drink is 100% natural. DRINKS SHOULD NOT BE CONSUMED AFTER 4 DAYS AFTER PURCHASE, DUE TO THE LIFE SPEND OF THE NATURAL INGREDIENTS. WE RECOMMEND ONE 16OZ PER DAY. To consume while pregnant or with any allergens, we recommend consulting with your doctor first. GLOW WATER IS A SAFE NATURAL DRINK. WE RECOMMEND CONSULTING WITH A DOCTOR BEFORE SERVING ANY OF THE GLOW WATER DRINKS TO CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 13.